Chapter 7 Vs. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter eleven is used by companies to reorganize complicated debt structures. The debtor may also file a debtor’s bankruptcy petition ( Form three) with the Excessive Court.

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Bankruptcy,chapter 7 bankruptcy,bankruptcy attorney,chapter 13 bankruptcy,chapter 11 bankruptcySometimes people accumulate private money owed past their means to pay. Prevent a secured creditor from foreclosing or repossessing property you can’t afford. Chapter 7 is primarily for low-revenue filers, and therefore, it will not assist you hold property in the event you’re behind on payments. The debtor also can file a debtor’s bankruptcy petition ( Kind three) with the High Court docket.

The collectors or the Trustee might object on the grounds listed out in Part 30A(4) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance which includes non-cooperation, unsatisfactory conduct, failure to organize an annual statement of his earnings and acquisition, etc.

For instance, you’ll still need to pay your student loans (unless you’ll be able to show a hardship) and arrearages for baby support, alimony, and most tax money owed. The trustee also has the duty to be vigilant for fraudulent conduct and failure of the debtor to reveal data.

File a “Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition” and a “Statement of Affairs” with the Official Receiver. When you file, the court places in place an order known as the automated stay The keep stops most creditor calls, wage garnishments, and lawsuits, but not all. Filing usually takes a few months to wrap up, however it takes significantly longer for the actual bankruptcy to return to a close.

A creditor can file a bankruptcy petition to the Excessive Courtroom towards an individual or individuals who have did not repay money owed. They’ll all ask you questions about your monetary scenario and determination to file bankruptcy. While bankrupt, you can’t be a director of a company or operate a business.

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Any individual against whom a bankruptcy order is made shall be guilty of an offence if he conceals or absents himself from his traditional or last recognized place of dwelling or enterprise or quits Hong Kong, with intent to keep away from service of any process in bankruptcy or to avoid examination in respect of his affairs or otherwise to defeat, embarrass or delay any proceedings against him in bankruptcy.


In a Chapter 7 case, the trustee will attempt to promote any non-exempt property to pay collectors. You possibly can apply to have your deal with faraway from the Particular person Insolvency Register if publishing it is going to put you susceptible to violence This is not going to affect your bankruptcy.

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