Traffic Accident Attorney — What Do I Need to Know?

Accidents on the roads are so frequent that they are no longer surprising. Their consequences are not only damage to vehicles but also to people. So that all problems are possible to solve, there are lawyers for traffic accidents. You can hire Gorospe Law Group, a Tulsa personal injury attorneys law firm, to help you with such troubles.

Self Attempts

More often than not, legal help is remembered when the case has already gone far. Indeed, if you are driving a car with a bit of thought and bumping the car’s bumper in front of you, an auto lawyer is not necessary. You stopped, listened to many unflattering words in your address, and agreed to pay.

But cases like this are sporadic. These days, the speeds on the highway are so high that you most often cannot get away with minor scratches and dents. And almost everyone has insurance. So begins a call to the traffic police, preparing documentation for the insurers, and waiting for payments. Each stage can be confusing and time-consuming, although there are specific terms for all cases by law.

Drivers often try to go through all the stages themselves. True, the outcome can be unpredictable. But, for example, a person considers himself innocent of a traffic accident. And to prove this on their own is almost impossible. So here, you need a specialist who will review the case, examine the charges, and find weaknesses. Auto-lawyers perform these and many other functions.

Who is a Car Accident Lawyer, and What Does He Do?

Many car owners have a poor understanding of communicating with police officers or insurers, resulting in significant financial losses. 

Lack of competence can also lead to more severe consequences — placing blame for an accident even if there was no accident. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with traffic legislation most attentively.

An alternative to self-defense rights — is the help of an auto lawyer. In any case, advice at the professional level is always ready for the lawyer of the accident. If necessary, he will go to court, and there will be a defense of your interests.

In dealing with the police, knowledge, and skills will also be helpful. For example, lawyer services (read about their diversity in a separate article of ours) help car owners get everything due under the contract from the insurance company.

Constructive dialog with officials from state agencies with representatives of public organizations allows the auto lawyer to make the best-balanced decision. After all, he knows not only the federal legislation but also departmental regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, psychological techniques, and loopholes in the normative base, which help to achieve a positive result for the client.

In what cases do you need a lawyer in a car accident:

  1. All conceivable insurance payment deadlines have passed, and you still haven’t been paid the money.

  2. The driver, who was the perpetrator of the accident, evades payment for the repair of your car.

  3. The insurer does not consider it necessary to pay for the repair in full.

  4. The insurance company has refused to pay under far-fetched pretexts.

  5. You believe you are innocent, but the judge deprived you of the right to control the vehicle.

In these and other cases, an auto lawyer will provide qualified assistance to protect you from unnecessary costs and other problems.

How the Auto Lawyer Works — 5 Main Steps

The work of the auto lawyer can be divided into five stages. Consider them in detail.

Stage 1: Registration of the Power of Attorney

To ensure that your interests in various instances, including in court, are represented by an attorney, you must write a power of attorney in his name. It should reflect the right to demand he will use when maintaining or writing a claim to the insurance company. Such a power of attorney must be certified by a notary, which you will visit with the auto-lawyer.

Step 2: Analyzing the Situation

At this stage, the lawyer analyzes the data collected, based on which he concludes the damage to your property or health.

What information the lawyer needs to get an objective picture of the accident:

  • schematics, photographs, and reports of the scene of the accident;

  • an independent assessment of the damage to the vehicle, which the lawyer orders;

  • an estimate of repairs made by the insurance company.

After obtaining all the necessary information, an auto lawyer compares the cost of repairs indicated by the insurance company with the amount reflected in the independent assessment. He has a legal basis for filing a claim with the insurance company if there are significant discrepancies.

Step 3: Filing a Claim

If the cost of repairs specified in the document of the insurance company is not consistent with reality, the lawyer files a claim to the insurer and waits for an answer. Often, the insurance company agrees with the claim and pays the entire cost of repairs according to the opinion of an independent expert. However, some insurers are in no hurry to part with the money and send a denial.

Stage 4: Filing a Claim with the Court

If the insurer refuses to pay the agreed amount despite the apparent discrepancies with the independent estimates, there is no other choice but to go to court.

A lawyer prepares a statement of claim, which joins all the evidence of your case. Of particular value here will have all the same independent expertise. Remember that the court may appoint an additional assessment if it considers necessary.

Stage 5: Payment of Money to the Client of the Insurance Company

The insurance company would pay every penny if your lawyer did a good job. It can happen as part of the satisfaction of the claim, but more often by court order.

The Right Profession

An auto lawyer is a true all-rounder. Not only does he know a lot of laws and can operate them, but he is also quite knowledgeable about cars. For example, after a traffic accident, an expert determines damages and calculates how much the injuries are worth.

Sometimes the expertise is not entirely qualitative. To notice any errors, you need a lawyer. For example, his help is invaluable in the case of a traffic accident.

And it is needed in the first minutes. The driver at this time is usually in a state of shock, especially if the victims are not only cars but also people. However, you can pull yourself together and simply call the number of our company. You will get comprehensive advice on how to behave next.

Our specialists work around the clock because accidents do not choose the time of day. The law firm will help if:

  1. You do not see the situation’s complexity and want to protect your interests.

  2. You can not normally interact with the insurer (denied the payment, underestimated, or delayed).

  3. You feel pressure from traffic police officers.

  4. You have taken away the driver’s license.

  5. The case is taken to court.

In these and other cases, the main thing is not to panic. We recommend that you apply immediately and not wait until the difficulties begin. Due to promptness, it is possible to resolve the case in pre-trial proceedings.

When a person sits behind the wheel, he always hopes for the best. And if he has a great driving experience, thoughts of an accident do not occur. But even with experienced drivers, things happen — the road is unpredictable. It is possible to be the perpetrator and the victim having got into an accident. In both cases, difficulties may arise.

If a person is a victim, they must respect their rights to get total compensation. It may relate to the property (directly to repair the car) and the restoration of health. The lawyer will see to the correctness of their accrual and timeliness of payment.

The auto-lawyer has, even more, to do when someone at fault requires help. After all, the guilty party will be fully liable. Of course, in some sense, having an insurance policy saves, but there are also many pitfalls. A particular case is when there are victims. These are the grounds for a criminal case.

It is the case if people were seriously injured or there was a fatality. But with minor and medium injuries, complications are also possible: deprivation of rights and arrest. It won’t last more than 15 days, but it’s also unpleasant.

Insurance Lawyer for a Car Accident

Insurance claims cases have peculiarities, but an experienced lawyer can efficiently deal with them. They don’t just apply to the terms of insurance policies. More often than not, you have to deal with insurers’ denials for reasons such as:

  • it is not an insurance case;

  • you violated the deadline for filing a claim;

  • the natural wear and tear of the car is excellent;

  • the vehicle was defective.

It is also possible to understate the amount of reimbursement and delay payment. All options are subject to review and settlement with insurers.

What is the Work of an Auto Lawyer?

Interaction with the client begins with an initial consultation. If, during the conversation, the person becomes more sure that they need qualified legal help, the following actions are:

  1. The auto lawyer receives power of attorney. This document allows him to act for the client in various instances.

  2. The lawyer carries out the collection and analysis of necessary data. Examine the available documents, and if necessary, ask for additional interviews with witnesses of the accident.

  3. The lawyer may be in the investigation if there is a criminal case.

  4. If it is hard to resolve the situation without judicial intervention, papers are prepared and submitted to the court.

  5. The lawyer accompanies the case to full completion.

The cost of services at Gorospe Law Group is affordable, and the price for services in 2022. The company operates in Tulsa and knows how difficult situations sometimes arise on the roads. The experts are ready to advise you at any time. It is essential that from the beginning, you do not give in to persuasion, do not give ransom if you are told that you are guilty. Call, and find the best way out.

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