Human Trafficking and Warning Signs That You Must Recognize

Some of us are not always aware of what’s happening in the neighborhood, especially with our family members. We often fail to consider their needs because we’re busy with something else or struggles in life. I guess you won’t even notice if crimes are already occurring at your home.

If someone close to you is involved in various criminal acts, then you should be the first person to recognize it. When there are signs of human trafficking, it is important to ask for help and assist the victim with their needs. Keep in mind that they have gone through a lot, and starting over again would be tough because they may be filled with fear.

This is why we should be aware of the situations where human trafficking happens. In this way, we’ll know what to do and who we’d be calling at that moment. We have laws regarding these criminal acts, thus, it’s exactly right to punish the traffickers.

Human Trafficking

This is a crime where traffickers usually force their victims to work or trade for money. Many women, even minors were harassed and threatened into prostitution. These villains aren’t only abusing people, but they’re also taking away their rights to live freely.

Imagine how those kids would feel about the kind of world they’re in. They’re so young and innocent, yet, suffered under the hands of those heartless individuals. The victims need justice, and those delinquents must be punished accordingly. 

Both the young and old were exploited, making it a heartbreaking experience for them. Therefore, if this is occurring in the community and you witnessed such an event, then don’t hesitate to report it. Taking this steps is the most valuable action you can take as a concerned citizen – see for more info.


They are the bad guys who traffic people regardless of their age and gender. These criminals could be foreigners or locals and sometimes they’re even family members. Let’s say that they could be anybody with bad intentions, that’s why they lured their victims to unacceptable circumstances.

These people won’t act alone so they’re usually a group of offenders. That’s why if we only know what to do after finding out about them, then they can be caught. It’s likely that the authorities will arrest them, and the law will determine their sentence.

These wicked people could be of any gender. Some of them are even capitalists, landowners, civil servants, etc. Therefore, don’t trust anybody who’ll approach and take you for granted because of your condition or situation.

How to lure victims?

These traffickers use various methods when it comes to luring their victims, taking advantage of your innocence and status in life, they’ll lure you into a certain situation. Since you trust them, you’ll fall into their trap.

We have here some methods that you should be aware of:

  • Engage in violence.
  • Influence to get involved in certain activities.
  • Giving you false promises, such as high-paid jobs.
  • Let you fall into an intimate and romantic relationship.

They use their target’s status, including:

  • Emotional, psychological, and physical state.
  • Unemployment and financial struggle.
  • Social issues, especially when you’re a loner.

Labor Trafficking

These are situations where a person must work by force due to threats, debt, and violence. The victims are usually controlled so they’re isolated and locked indoors. You can find here some details about the incidents.


  • They’re not paid for their jobs.
  • Working in odd circumstances.
  • Monitored and controlled when talking to others.
  • Documents, such as passports, IDs, and bank books were taken from their possession.
  • Living or working in unsafe places.

Human Trafficking and Warning Signs That You Must Recognize

Sex Trafficking

Both men and women can be victims of commercial sex performances, especially online. They were forced to take drugs, drink alcohol, and sleep with a client. Some of them perform in front of the camera while the patron is watching them online.


  • Someone’s always sending them to different places. The same person will be picking them up as well. The victims are usually guarded and will get hurt if they try to escape.
  • They’re afraid of other people who touch them, especially among minors.
  • These people don’t like to interact with others for fear that they could be recognized as prostitutes.
  • Aside from sex performances, they’re also harmed so you’ll notice bruises on their bodies.
  • They often go out in disguise and always avoid making eye contact.


You may notice that human trafficking is happening in the area. Some might fear that they’ll be harmed if they try to report the traffickers. While others are brave enough.

In those cases, you must call the hotline for rescue. The moment you call them, they’ll surely respond and alert the police officers in your area. 

There’s a federal law regarding this, so there’s a punishment. These bad guys can be imprisoned for 20 years or more.

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