Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Buying, selling, renting or leasing a property is a complex financial and legal process. It is important to hire a Warrenton VA real estate lawyer to ensure that all transactions are carried out legally.

Residential real estate transactions often involve issues that cannot be easily addressed by a real estate agent, such as easements and known or unknown faults with the property. Gulick, Carson & Thorpe, P.C. provides experienced contract assistance for homeowners in Warrenton and the surrounding areas.

Real estate law

Real estate law encompasses a broad range of legal issues that involve the buying, selling and leasing of property. Whether you’re involved in a residential real estate transaction or commercial one, a Warrenton VA real estate lawyer can help you with all of the steps from contract preparation to closing. They’re familiar with the federal and state laws that pertain to property ownership, sales and transfer of title.

Residential real estate transactions include those involving the purchase or sale of homes and land. Commercial real estate deals, on the other hand, operate on a much larger scale and have more significant financial implications. A good real estate attorney can review and draft contracts for both types of transactions, as well as handle property disputes that arise during the process.

Purchasing or selling property is often a complex, time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Even if you’re not involved in any real estate disputes, you may have questions about property boundaries or issues with trespassers.

Adverse possession

Property rights are often the subject of disputes, which may require the services of a real estate lawyer. Such disputes may include trespassing, adverse possession and land ownership claims. Adverse possession is a legal doctrine that allows a person to claim legal ownership of a piece of property if they use the land in accordance with applicable law for a specific period of time.

To qualify as adverse possessor, the occupant must meet several requirements, including exclusive use, continuous use and hostile use. In order to meet the “exclusive” requirement, the occupant must be the sole user of the property for the entire statutory period. Continuous use means that the occupant uses the property in a way that is consistent with its type, such as living there or using it for hunting.

Finally, the occupant must be hostile to the original owner by invading or interfering with the owner’s right to use the property. If the original owner consents to the occupant’s occupation or acknowledges their title in any way, the clock restarts and the occupant cannot claim adverse possession.


If you are involved in a real estate transaction, an attorney can help you avoid legal complications. They can review your contract, explain complicated legal terms and ensure your paperwork is complete and complies with local laws. They can also handle disputes that arise during the transaction process.

The attorneys at Gulick, Carson & Thorpe, P.C. are dedicated to providing quality representation to clients throughout Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappahannock County. They specialize in criminal law, family law, real estate, and civil litigation and have a well-established track record of success.

James P. Downey, located in Warrenton, VA, provides legal services for individuals and businesses. He can help with real estate transactions, property tax assessments and other complex matters. He can also assist with land use and zoning issues. His clients include commercial and residential developers, local governments and real estate investors. He is experienced in both state and federal court and has handled cases involving commercial disputes, employment matters, civil rights violations and complex financial issues.


The sale or purchase of real estate can lead to disputes, including disagreements over boundaries, easements, or known and unknown faults with the property. A residential real estate lawyer can help you resolve these disputes through negotiation and settlement. If necessary, a Warrenton VA real estate lawyer can represent you in court.

Construction contractors and landowners often find themselves in conflict over construction projects that don’t go as planned. A construction dispute can be complex, and a Warrenton VA attorney may need to help you settle the matter through mediation or arbitration.

Mark Hyson is a longtime Northern Virginia resident who works closely with clients to provide them with the comprehensive insight they need through business transactions and real estate sales and purchases. He helps generational families and newcomers alike navigate the careful processes involved in establishing their businesses, buying homes, and planning for the future. He also has extensive experience in the transfer of small, undeveloped parcels of land.

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