The country provides us with a set of rights that should be protected at any cost. But when there has been a violation of the right and you have been feeling wronged, the legislation is there to protect you. Fighting for your right is not always easy. There is a broad set of rights and understanding all of them can be quite complicated. When there has been a violation, how do you figure out the way to fight for your rights? The best way to do this is by reaching out to a law firm that provides a comprehensive set of legal solutions. Gertsoyg & Company Lawyers understand just that. They understand how stressful it can be to be in such a position. They provide a set of broad legal solutions. Following are some of the legal cases in which they will be by your side and fight for your right.

Disability and Insurance Claims

Filing for an insurance claim is never an easy task. There are always chances of the insurance company turning down your claim. You need a lawyer by your side who knows exactly how to go about it. They will provide you with all the guidance which is needed for a Disability claim, Critical Sickness Insurance Denial claims, life insurance, mortgage and house insurance denial claims to name a few.

Personal Injury

Being a victim of an act of negligence is never an easy task. Personal injury cases are highly complex. The set of legislations at play here are unique to the field. At this time, you need legal and medical help. Having the right legal help can enable you to concentrate on your recovery. The lawyers at Gertsoyg & Company lawyers understand how tough this time can be for you. They will be there by your side and fight for the compensation you deserve. Some examples of personal injury cases are motor vehicle accidents, ski accidents, boating accidents, slip and fall and defective products.

Employment and Human Rights Law

It is undeniable that the human rights of every person should be protected at every cost. Whether facing a wrongful dismissal or a violation of your human rights, you need a lawyer who will help you in this tough time.

Family Law and Estate Litigation

Family law and estate litigations are highly complex. Family law cases include divorce, custody, access, child and spousal support. Division of Assets, unequal treatment of beneficiaries, insufficient funds, improper Will execution and Lack of Testamentary capacity form parts of estate litigation. All these cases involve a high flow of emotion. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will make the process easier.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Running your own business is never easy. When you have one, you must always have a lawyer by your side to make things easier for you in the long run. They can help you with various issues like breach of contract, partnership disputes, nondisclosure and trade secret violations, to name a few.

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